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Fashion victims
Ksenija Perišić / datum: 15. 4. 2011. 10:03

Fashion victims

 These days I read a lot about fashion. Looking at all aspects of the topic, I realized that this is a way to manipulate people. Fashion trends make people ugly, and not vice versa. Although our ancestors told us that the suit does not make a man, we all reach for fashion accessories and beautiful pieces of clothing to make us look better to ourselves. Looks are not as important as our personalities. A famous label won't make you look „cool“ and you won't gain respect with it. You won't be a better person if you're wearing only expensive clothes. Are we all fashion victims? Yes, we surely are... Everyone has their own stlye e.g. metalheads wear dark clothes, preps follow the latest trends and nerds wear mostly what they like.



Plastic surgeriesare popular with famous actresses and/or singers. They always look faboulous and we often look up to them and admire them. They have perfect skin, hair, nails, and a perfect figure. Their stlye is flawless.... are they really happy or is it just a perfect mask?

„Behind the mask“ is just a normal person like you and me., Stylists, hairstylists, surgeons and and bunch of other people are responsible and, of course, payed to make them look great.

Anorexiahas become a „trendy“ illness. Young girls start starving themselves , thinking that by becoming thinner they will become happier, more popular etc. They often look like skeletons covered with skin, they are pale, ghost-like. They refuse help and it leads to emotinal pain, heart problems, hair loss, kidney failure and then, sadly, death.

Hana Ahmetović 8.b


Ksenija Perišić / datum: 6. 12. 2010. 10:01


  • What do I think about gossiping?

I think that everyone gossiped once in a lifetime. Sometimes it's good to tell your opinion. But it's not always good because it becomes a routine. It can hurt many people.

  • Why do teenagers gossip so much?

I think that they gossip because they don't have anything interesting to do. They are very boring themselves so they take interest in other peoples lives. That's not nice.

  • What is the reason for gossiping?

It's very simple, jealousy and greed that often bring conflict situations between the girls.

  • Which group of teenagers are gossip girls?

They are preps . They always want to be the right ones. They gossip the girls from their school and make fun of them.

  • Is gossiping good or bad?

It is very bad, of course. It's the worst of people's characteristics.

  • What do gossip girls get when they gossip?

They get nothing, except they feel better when they hurt other girls.

  • How gossiping operates on other people?

This is very bad for all people, especially for young people and children, because they can feel bad because of it and they can become insecure.    

Dona-Marija Gasner i Lara Lovrinčević 8.b                                                                                                            


I love my city
Ksenija Perišić / datum: 12. 11. 2010. 20:19

Why I love my city? 

  I love the city I was born in. Although it is not quite big, Split is very interesting to me. It has a rich history and the most beautiful sea, and its cathedral is the oldest in the world. All the beautiful beaches are crowded in the summer, and people from all over our country come to spend their vacations here. Although most people love its warm summers, I prefer its autumns. I enjoy them the most in my grandmother’s wonderful garden.

Split may not be the most modern or popular, but it is my home town and I love it. The best memories I have were made right here, with my friends. 

Maja Bakota, 7.c

Why I love my city?              

    I love Split because my friends and most of my family live here. I have made my first steps in it, and my childhood memories are tied to it. That is really special to me, and whenever I go away, I feel its energy pulling me back. My city is very popular with the tourists; I believe that they love our sea and the shore. It is very calming to take a walk by the sea at night, and everyone seems happier in the summer months. In the winter it gets a bit boring, cold and windy without any snow… But I love it every day of the year.     

      Marina Kekez, 7.c


Marina Kekez / datum: 12. 11. 2010. 20:13



Winter came. It is cold. Trees are without leaves. It's snowing out there. There are some footprints. The smell is wonderful. I feel light wind on my skin. I don't hear anything. It's so quiet. Finally, some peace. What a perfect day, isn't it?

Martina Selak, 7.c



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